For people on the move that

live in remote areas.

This project is a request of my family living in the countryside. Power cuts are frequent and normally of little impact when acting quickly. But when my family is away, however, this can be very problematic, especially for all food stored in a freezer … and it has happened several times already!

This power shortage alarm is a plug-in device that has a built-in battery and is capable of detecting power losses. If detected, it warns its owner via SMS (the only signal still present in the event of a power failure) that the power is cut. The latter can then warn other people to go and check and resolve the situation.
The device alerts when power is returned and allows the current state of the power to be checked at any time.


  • Schematic Design
  • PCB Design
  • Machining and Soldering


  • Embedded Software
  • Custom C++ Library
  • Remotly configurable